Published on: January 19, 2016

Why big businesses should be acting more like a small business?

Big business usually means you’ve got big success, but you can also encounter big problems when the machinery is running by itself.

Small businesses make take more effort to run, but the way they run can have better long-term effects. We’ve compiled a list of things that small businesses benefit from that big businesses are putting in the back pocket and should really be taking more notice of.


Attention to detail

You can’t always provide the same size of service as the big players; they have built databases and a strength of service over time, so allow yourself to cater to the niche markets.

Take your small scale system and focus on more specialised problem areas and offer people a solution that takes customer service to a new level. Marketplaces are expanding as they throw out the old and bring in the new, which means there are more niches to serve than ever. Take the opportunity and offer a totally tailored solution.


Big corporates will often do things a certain way. They have a long-term system which works for them but doesn’t always work for its customers.

Take your opportunity as a smaller business to offer a flexible solutions, agree different terms or give that more personal touch. Much like ‘attention to detail’, you can offer a resolution that is unique to your client making them feel better cared for, retaining business and most likely winning new business.

Attention to employees

With a big corporate comes a big corporate machine, meaning employees can often get forgotten. As a small business you can show more appreciation for each of the individual behind the business.

Some large businesses have managed to maintain the small business employer brand awareness, but take the opportunity as a mini machine to learn more about each employee and show them you truly care. Employer branding and employee wellbeing is big on the cards in 2016; leading to better retention and hardworking staff as they are driven by the enjoyment they have for their jobs.

Adapt your business plan

A lot of success comes from failures. When big businesses make mistakes, it can have a huge backlash on reputation and be difficult to recover from.

When you’re small, you can adapt and use other people’s failures to draw upon and create success. It doesn’t take as much work to tweak elements here and there so that you aren’t making the same mistakes.

Allow employees to grow

The beauty of small business is that as you grow, you have new positions to fill. When employees join a business from the early days and show their commitment, it gives them a chance to be promoted and grow within the business.

This not only benefits them, as they have a guaranteed road map and professional development opportunities but it secures a future for your business. These people should know the business from the inside out, meaning they can really take care of it and guarantee its sustainability.

As a big business, you shouldn’t forget about the employees who have been with you through the years and been essential to your growth. Show them you care by promoting them internally rather than bringing those from the outside in.