Published on: January 26, 2016

What is the importance in creativity for success?

We talk about creativity in business like a buzzword; what does it actually mean? But actually, bringing a bit of creativity into the mix can be the secret to success.

You may think that in order to be taken seriously as a business you need to do everything with a straight face, but in the age of Generation Y bringing a bit of colour into the office through creativity can completely change an environment.


Keeps you switched on

switched on success

Getting creative may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s something we should all find time to do. Taking a few minutes a day, or even a week from your desk to create a mind map of ideas or even just something completely irrelevant can help boost your brain power; keeping you sharp.

Humans actually have extremely short attention spans and being creative can actually make you happier. Happy employees mean better success, so make time for it.

Allows for new ideas

new idea success

New ideas can come from anywhere and anytime. That ‘eureka’ moment is often not as a result of hard thought and pondering, but a stroke of luck from other, more interesting tasks.

Taking a step back from something and looking at it in a new, creative way can help lead onto new ideas; creativity is nothing new but about making connections.  Use this connective thinking to come up with new ideas from the old and see what success may befall from it.

Makes things more fun

dancing fun at work

Getting creative is guaranteed to make things more fun! The standard 9-5 can become gruelling so mixing it up can help maintain staff morale. Being creative doesn’t always have to be work orientated – you could start a new lunchtime activity, with things like ‘adult colouring books’ being a top trend in 2015.

Giving that positive and fun association with the workplace is much more likely to result in better employee wellbeing and retention. Bring something into the office that gets people engaging in a fun and creative way; a great way to get to know colleagues as well. A happy workforce very naturally leads to success.

Shows that you’re different

be different for success

Employer branding is all the rage; with 56% of talent acquisition leaders saying that employer brand is one of the top priorities for their organisation. Top employers such as Google and Facebook are giving their employees more spaces to be creative or break away from traditional working environments.

Use this trend and take creativity to a new level to make yourself an employer of choice. Show potential employees why you’re different and let that difference lead you on the path to success.


Creativity is your friend – don’t see it as a distraction but embrace it to ultimately keep focus. Use it to drive innovation and ideas generation, create a more fun and engaging environment and as a tool to attract the next generation of employees. Taking a side-step away from traditional working methods is secret to modern success in business.

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