Published on: February 16, 2016

How to market your recruitment business?

As the recruitment industry grows, the challenges of standing out become greater than ever before. More recruitment businesses are investing in marketing, but how do you truly market your business?

Some may initially misunderstand the point of marketing. Recruitment agencies are getting involved with social media more actively in an attempt to better position their offering in the marketplace, but positioning your business in an effective market position takes a lot more time and dedication.

Step one: Find the right guy

First thing you need to do to market your brand properly is to find the person who really ‘gets’ it. They are ‘at one’ with your businesses values, USP and target audience, meaning they can effectively plan a good strategy around it (make sure they’ve got some good experience and understanding of recruitment collectively as well though!).

Step two: Come up with a POA

You can’t just post on social networks on a regular basis, write a few blogs and hope that people see you, notice you and use your services as a result. It is all about creating a continual and long-term brand message that resonates through time and with the right people.

There is no ‘quick-fix’. Every audience is different and you need to find the ways that engage with them: What kind of content do they like? Funny? Serious? Visual? Do they enjoy attending networking events? Maybe you could host some? What countries are they based in? You need to come up with a marketing strategy that runs from the present to five years on – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Step three: Find ways to measure ROI

The problem with effective marketing is that ROI is very difficult to prove. Creating a brand awareness is not instantly obvious as people won’t actively tell you that they chose your service because of your brand positioning; sometimes they aren’t even aware of it, as brand awareness can be a subconscious development.

Add an ecommerce element to your website, such as a job board, and make sure you are monitoring which sales are coming from there – and never be afraid to simply ask how a customer found you.

Step four: Monitor, measure, repeat

As the years go by, we need to be constantly monitoring the market changes and trends. As you strategy continues to develop and grow you need to measure and assess what you need to change in order to see better results next time. Finally, don’t give up. Great market positioning is a continual, dedicated project that should never lose fight.

The greatest brands of our time and constantly positioning themselves above the rest through great marketing; from sticking to old ideas and giving them a fresh twist, to running with something completely new and eye-catching.

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